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The Restoration Couple

The Restoration Couple

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DIY Pizza Oven

Want to know how to build your own DIY wood-fired pizza oven? This is the step-by-step video for you. All of the detail on how to make your own outdoor pizza oven as well as a glimpse of the delicious results...

DIY Workshop

Our garden workshop series is a step-by-step guide to building your own outdoor workshop space. From flooring to windows to cladding, this workshop series has it all.

Garage Conversion 

A satisfying DIY project was the garage conversion project, creating stud walls.

Re-roofing Series

A complete step-by-step of re-roofing our previous home, including stripping the tiles, gutters, affixing a new membrane and some serious leadwork skills! See the full series here.

DIY Cabin Build

Building your own mobile home is a rollercoaster ride! See the full series showing current, mega project: the DIY Cabin build.

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