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The Restoration Couple goes rural!

Our dream has become a reality - we own a farm! As with all things Restoration Couple, we are learning as we go. Our ever-expanding menagerie currently includes sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, a duck, quail and Maggie the sheepdog. Subscribe to our DIY Farm YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest farm life.

Our Goats

Our new herd of Boer goats will be adding to our ‘Flerd’ mob grazing in experiment this year. We have sourced some great full blood genetics and have just had our first sets of kids born here. We hope they will help to keep some of the more stubborn vegetation under control that the sheep leave! Goat meat is super healthy (and something we have been asked about regularly) so we look forward to seeing how this new venture turns out. 

Our Sheep

In early 2022 we introduced our first herd of sheep to the farm. We began with Lleyns and then brought in some Southdowns who seem to spend more time getting caught in bushes and brambles than anything else! We are very exciting for lambing season - bring on Spring 2023!

Our Pigs

Did someone say bacon!? Our Oxford Sandy and Black pigs began with mumma pig, Matilda, who birthed her first litter of 14 piglets. We chose this beautiful, rare breed as it produces amazing slow grown free range pork. With a love of Himalayan Balsam, these piggies have helped us clear the Secret Meadow, prepare the ground for our vegetable patch and are general food waste bins!

The Chooks

It wouldn't be a DIY Farm without chickens! Currently we have a mix of bantams, quail and large fowl who keep us well stocked in eggs, and keep the girls busy with the daily egg collections. We have become 100% self sufficient on rearing our own slow grown pasture raised chickens. 

Follow our DIY Farm YouTube Channel to stay up to date with the latest farm action!

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