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The Restoration Couple

Meet Our Family

Tim hammering during workshop build


One half (aka co-founder) of the original Restoration Couple, Tim is a DIY enthusiast, farmer and ideas maker! Starting the Restoration Couple with Jo back in 2011, the DIY dreams have escalated from full house renovations to self build homes and new DIY Farm venture.  You'll see Tim in front of the camera in all TRC videos, often making sawdust, on the tractorde-tangling sheep from bushes, trying out a new tool or planning out the next timber framed project. The best part of our Restoration Couple life for Tim is that anything can happen on the farm - everyday is different, which isn't always a good thing!


The other (some say better) half of the original Restoration Couple before all the animals (and children!) came along. Whilst you may not see Jo in all TRC videos, she keeps the TRC ship afloat, juggling DIY, editing videos, keeping the kids happy...who knew there were so many hours in the day!? Jo's favourite part of the Restoration Couple life is seeing a room come together with interior ideas - normally involving a few charity shop and marketplace buys!


Our horse-mad eldest daughter, Eden is becoming quite the farm hand! She loves helping out with farm chores and DIY activities, as well as being responsible for her own rabbits (Mia and George). Eden's favourite part of our DIY life is getting stuck in with the animals - especially any baby ones - which come along.

Jo painting bedroom pannelling wall


Famously saying "but Daddy, where's our house?" when we first showed the girls the farm, Faith is our family comedian. Our second born is often found practising her latest gymnastics skills on the farm. Following in Eden's footsteps, she too helps out on the farm and joins in with our family DIY days. Faith's idea of a great day at DIY Farm is rowing the boat and splashing about in the brook.

Eden holding baby bore goat kids


Our third (but by no means least) daughter, Rosa, loves donning her wellies and waterproof all-in-one suit to splash about in puddles on the farm! You'll often see Rosa in the background of our YouTube videos - sometimes participating willingly - and other times doing her own thing! Rosa enjoys seeing all the farm animals, especially the latest arrivals - our goats.

Faith holding a fish she caught in the lake
Rosa feeding black nose vailse sheep Gefforey


Our Lagotto Romagnolo, Maggie, is our farm dog. Once she conquered her fear of sheep(!), she's become possibly the world's most camouflaged sheepdog!

girls with Loggotto Romanlolo dog


The least visible and most camera shy of the brood, Margo is our cat who currently camps out in the caravan when it rains!

Margo our black and white cat

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