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Quarter Pig Box - Slow grown free range

Quarter Pig Box - Slow grown free range

Not got much freezer space, this option has you covered, all the best pork but in a smaller quanity!

There is no better way to fill your freezer than a box of wonderful slow grown rare breed pork.  Our Oxford Sandy and Blacks are a beautiful breed that we are able to raise naturally outside all year round, spending much of their time living in 'The Secret Meadow' where they can wallow and explore the wooded areas.  Like all our livestock, we believe that slow grown is best.


All individually cut and packed by our local butcher.  Our pork is usually cut into nice large boned and rolled joints including 1 shoulder, 2 leg, belly, packs of loin chops/steaks and your choice of flavour some packs of sausages.  We often have bacon, sausage meat, sausages and chops in stock to add to your order. Total weight approx 10kg.


These boxes are prepared by our butcher, individually vacuum packed for collection from the farm approx 20 mins west of Gloucester.  


Unless collected on the day they arrive back at the farm, we will label your order and store it in our freezers ready for collection.  Please contact us to check dates as we only sell at certain times rather than keep everything stocked all the time.


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