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Life after the cabin build…is there such a thing?

What happens after the cabin? That is a question we keep getting asked!

The cabin build is, of course, a huge project which we’ve shown in our videos on the chassis, wall panelling, wiring, window fitting...often it’s hard to remember a time before the cabin! It’s been a labour of love which has definitely kept our DIY hands busy. So busy that we are looking to add some other hands into the mix to help...but more about that later. What's next for the Restoration Couple?

One of the projects that we need to look into is building a robust bridge over to the secret meadow. Currently there is an old ladder which acts as a “bridge” but if we want to get livestock (or ourselves!) over there safely then we need to build something sturdy. Although it would be great to have a vehicle bridge where we could bring the car or tractor over, it isn’t realistic in the near future. So, we need to earmark a suitable crossing point.

Now, let’s talk job opportunity(ies)! For those who don’t know we both (Jo and Tim) work full time on the channel, both on the media and working behind the scenes. We feel it would be really useful to have someone help with the media side of things – we can edit ourselves, but more support with the post-production and maximising the content we create into shorter videos, reels etc would really help us build our channel. It could definitely be a remote job, but ideally we want someone who understands the channel.

The second job is more local, and that’s someone who can support us on the farm for 2-3 days a week. And that job will be very varied! Everything from helping us to setup our market garden, helping with the animals, hedging, fencing, tree planting…basically there aren’t enough hours in the day for us so we need some help!

If either of these roles sound like a bit of you, please get in touch via our Contact page. We really look forward to hearing from you!

Tim goes through this in a bit more detail in the video below, but if you want to know even MORE about what is coming up next you can become a Patron of our channel. It’s a space where we feel we can be a bit more open and share more ahead of on our YouTube or Instagram.

As ever, thanks for reading!

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