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How it started...and how it's going!

Hello folks and welcome to all things The Restoration Couple! If this is the first time you’ve come across our YouTube channel, website, or general DIY obsession, this is the blog post for you. In this one, we’ll share some history about who we are, where our journey began and what our early 2023 situation is.

If you have seen any of our YouTube videos or seen our shenanigans on Instagram, you might be wondering why we are known as the Restoration Couple when we have 3 girls! Well, a lot can change in 10 years…

We (Tim and Jo) began The Restoration Couple in 2012 with the crazy idea of restoring a rundown Victorian house in Somerset. We began ripping up carpets, restoring the floorboards, wall panelling, and restoring the house to its former glory. Anything we could restore, we did – from the roof to the tiled floors to rebuilding the staircase! We aren’t professionals and often we learn on the job. What we try and do is share our DIY projects with you, so you can learn from our successes (and a few fails!). We often review the tools we use, and techniques that we master, too.

Along the way we have also converted a van into a fully fledged campervan, constructed an external garden workshop, built a woodfired pizza oven, built a walled garden and many more exciting projects. We also had 3 children – Eden, Faith and Rosa – who love getting involved in our DIY projects. Check out the Tiny Takeover series to see more of their DIY skills!

Then in 2021 we found that we were running out of restoration projects, and it was time to think big. And turn some very big dreams into a reality. After some unsuccessful bids, we successfully purchased a smallholding where we are planning to convert a barn into our future home! In the meantime, we have been building a bespoke 4-bedroom cabin to keep ourselves busy. We’ve also started to turn our hand to creating a DIY Farm – more about that here – where we move ever closer to a self-sufficient life. Our sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and quail keep us busy when we are off the tools!

Our mantra is simple: if you can, do it yourself. And that is reflected in every aspect of our Restoration Couple life. Our DIY projects keep getting bigger and better, so make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our day-to-day life on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest action. If you’ve been a subscriber to our channel for a while, a huge thank you for supporting us on our journey – we really appreciate it. If you’d like previews, sneak peeks and more videos then take a look at how you can become a Patron of our channel and support us on Patreon.

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