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Cast your vote - it's photo time!

Hi folks,

For those of you who follow our Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen that we've been asking you to vote for your favourite photos of the Restoration Couple life. We've seen snowy scenes, furry friends and marvellous meadows in the photos so far...but what is it for? You've guessed it: our first the Restoration Couple calendar!

We will be making the calendars available for pre-order later in the year (did someone say stocking filler?) however, in the meantime, we'd love your opinion once again. Please leave a comment at the end of this post to cast your vote and see your favourite snap make it into the 2023 calendar!

We'll normally let you choose between a few different scenes but, for this month, we felt it was only right that we feature our latest woolly arrivals.

Plus, let us know what else you would like to see in the Restoration Couple shop?

Thanks again - we can't wait to see which one you vote for because we can't choose :)




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