Bathroom Renovation – Demolition and Strip Out

The bathroom renovation could not come quick enough.  To start, here is a glimpse of what we have been living with for the past 18 months!


So after putting it off for several months we finally bit the bullet and got the demolition tools out!  The main problem with this project was going to be the dust.  Most of last year’s demolition work was all done in one hit while the house was basically a building site.  Now we have half the house finished, a 2 year old and Jo 7 months pregnant so there needs to be some work put in to reducing the mess where possible.

First job was to attack the wall between what will be the nursery and the bathroom.  This is so we can extend the bathroom slightly by building an alcove and storage while not needing to make major alterations to the supporting wall.  Armed with lots of tape and wet towels I was sealed in to the room and spent several dusty hours removing all the lath and plaster and opened up one of the studs to create the alcove.IMG_4458 IMG_4485


What followed was another two days covered in lime, horse hair and general grime!


The bathroom suite itself came out fairly quickly along with a block wall that was behind the bath and the floor to ceiling tiles didn’t take much to remove.  What did take far to long to do was removing a cement render that had been applied on the lower 1/3 of the walls.  It had been pushed into the laths and therefore left us with heavy awkward chunks of splintered wood and concrete.  Fortunately the window was above the driveway so anything that could fit out, went out!

IMG_4483 IMG_4494 IMG_4495

Believe it or not this is currently the only bathroom so was in use throughout the whole process!

Here are the first couple of videos featuring the demolition and strip out.

Next post and more videos coming shortly! TRC 🙂


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